Knotty Pine a.k.a. tongue & groove ceilings.

Enhance the character of your home.

Wooden ceilings not only provide an appealing rustic look but wood has excellent insulation properties making your room both warm in winter and in cool in summer.

Ceilings are fitted under your existing claddit or rhinolite ceilings on existing installations.

On new installations, Isotherm Polyester insulation is installed together with PVC damp course  sheeting to keep dust from coming through the slats over time.

Edging finishes include sisal rope, quarter rounds or Wooden Cornices at the ceiling level. We can also install concealed down lighting as illustrated here.

We can also install this in a bathroom however, an extractor fan should be installed to vent steam and moisture. We do not recommend this for Kitchens unless a cooker hood is installed.

The images below were taken two years after installation where the wood was left untreated. As wood ages is gets darker and some varnishes over accentuate this even when a clear varnish is applied.

A raw finish allows for a mere sanding down process later without the hassles of battling with varying levels of varnish to restore it to the original lustre.


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