Rock Cladding and Exterior Paving

Part of the problem one faces with building alterations especially with face brick homes is that the finishes are not always seamless.

Rock cladding provides an rustic way in hiding these defects as can be seen here in the image alongside.

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Exciting Rustic Finishes

Rock Cladding, Pavers and Rustic Tiles are cast from concrete in silicone moulds which are formed from real rocks, slate and other naturally occurring materials.

Ochres (the dyes used) are natural and therefore do not fade over time exposed to sunlight.

Cladding, Tiles and Pavers come in a variety of exciting colours, shapes and forms. All are fixed with OPC/plaster sand mix negating the need for costly tile cement.

The finished effects give a rustic look and feel to any construction whether old or modern

Surfaces can be sealed with stone sealers which really bring out the richness of the colours or they can be left untreated

Mixing and Matching

With the huge variety and endless possibilities, one can mix and match Pavers, Cladding, Tiles, Kerbing etc.

StoneAge have many finishes that not only add unique looks to your property, it also adds value both aesthetically and increases asset value.

Constantia Octagonal

Available in all these exciting colours
(Note: Colours may vary according to screen calibration)

Light mix Dark Kalahari Autumn Plum Cambridge Karoo
Terracotta Terracotta Mix Sand Stone Stone Charcoal


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