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Two Bathrooms and a Loo

Based on the reputation we already built up with this client on two other jobs successfully concluded, we were asked to quote on refurbishing two bathrooms and a WC.

Bath Before 1  Bath Before 2

The old bathroom had that horrible avocado finish popular in the 80's plus the shower had a wall making the bathroom not only small ergonomically but also a dark shower with the tiles selected. The bath had to be demolished (literally) and the shower wall. We stripped out all tiling and plumbing. There was a leak into the passage from the shower due to water ingress via unsuitable tiles (mosaics) that were grouted with a cheap grout. The shower door previously installed was out of square and did not close properly.

The client decided to go the full hog and went for new quality fittings and railings etc.

Here is the design we did


The space was enough for a WC but they decided against it.

Bath 1

The bath and drains had to be moved together with the plumbing for the faucets. A feature of stone laced tiles was used behind the basin and the wall around the bath. The original bath was about 200mm higher than this one because of the way it was installed (too lazy to chase drains into the floor) The client has a small child and the old bath was just too high for him to get in.

The basin shown shares a common drain from the WC next door and the drain runs in the wall and then along the floor. We did not bother with trying to adapt to the original plumbing water supply and ran in new pipes. As can be seen from this image, the flexibles feeding the mixer are not even visible from this angle.

Bath 2

Another view. The two different tiles were separated by stainless steel separation strips. All these tiles were 10mm thick and in porcelain. Special drills are required to drill these as they are so hard.


Interesting thing here, the original shower head was so low that the client had to bend to get under it. When you install a bathroom with us, this is not an issue as we take into consideration the height of the client and design and fit accordingly. This is a 1m x 1m corner opening shower which was the only practical selection for this bathroom. The shower base is sand packed so that you do not have a wonky feeling when stepping in.

We also fitted all fixtures like bath rails and soap dishes. The grouting inside the shower is mixed with bonding liquid as opposed to water to make it totally waterproof. Base edges and the corner inside the shower are sealed in white silicone. There just are no leaks when we are finished.

WC Before

When doing a WC, the WC is left intact until the very last for the client's convenience. Here you can see that the wall tiles are done first from an altitude we then tile down from once the floor tiles are laid. It can be seen we strip down to raw plaster before tiling, our tiles do not come loose.

WC 1  WC2

The almost finished WC, the Blinds had to be trimmed by the original supplier. We also fitted four new down lights and an extractor fan. The WC itself does not sit on the tiles, we mark out and cut the tiles away and concrete the WC base in place. Again, no plumbing can be seen, all hidden away where it should be.

Bathroom En Suite

The client's original bathroom en suite was a nightmare. Here are a few pics.

BOS1 Before  BOS2 Before

We did a design to actually flip the bathroom around but after final selection of the units, it was discovered that the wall where the bath was supposed to go was 250mm out of square over 2.7m.

Here is what we did.

Pretile1  Pretile2

The client took us to see a show room display and wanted what he saw there. It consisted of 4 different tiles making up what you see here. The drains and plumbing were prepared and the pedestal bath finally fitted is why there is a drain in the floor. Where the basin unit came, the drains were chased into the wall and then routed them out via the floor. At this point the plumbing was already under pressure, plumbing is tested for integrity before tiling commences.

Here is the final product.


This is a free standing pedestal bath and is only held in place by a strip of silicone at the base. The inlet also serves as the overflow.


Even when the plumbing is hidden, we still do it neat, take a look.


The original bathroom merely had a concertina door installed. We replaced this with a cottage styled door with sandblasted glass.


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