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Exterior Tiling and Cladding

This was a garage conversion to "granny flat". We used other builders here and the window you see used to be a door. Their workmanship was shoddy so we decided to hide this with cladding. The clad you see is moulds taken from actual rocks and cast in concrete with a non-fading organic dye. This comes in various colours and finishes (see Paving/Rock Cladding for details on colours)

Clad Pave 1 Clad Pave2

This method of tiling and cladding is a very good way to provide and asthetic finish that is not slippery and to hide building defects. Bear in mind, these materials are not cheap but tiles are 25mm thick. Normal PPC cement mixtures of 6:1 is used to lay or attach cladding. The product can be sealed with a water based brick sealer or in the case of tile pavers, it can even be polished with wax.

Fireplaces like jetmasters� which tend to damage paint and/or plaster behind the fireplace, cladding makes and excellent rustic backer that is resillient to heat.

Stoep Step Tiling

In both instances of the steps. the width of the steps were not a standard minimum size of 1-1/2 bricks (�360mm) Steps were extended and adjusted accordingly)

Foyer Fireplace

Lapa Passage

Here you can see the various applications for these types of tiles and rock cladding indoors too.

Home Turnkey Project Bathrooms Laminated Flooring You Are Here