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Garages and Garage Doors

In 2008 a client asked us if we could do two wooden garage doors for him. We did our homework, found the best supplier (not the cheapest) and went ahead with the job.


First of all, let us examine the parts you normally do not see. The hinges here are galvanized steel and there are cheaper ones with plastic hinges, the tend to wear out after awhile. The rollers are bearing rollers running in the tracks. Attached to the motor mechanism is a cord one pulls if there is an unknown fault; probably the only time you will need to use this is if your battery fails.

Bracket Release

One other notable feature is that the chain that does the work (with the springs of course) is contained in an inverted channel preventing the build up of dust and grime on the chain.

 DCBlue Brackets

Our remote controlled doors are operated by a 12V DC Blue´┐Ż motor that is capable of providing continuous operation over 20+ hours. The brackets for the guide rails are made from Angle Iron and manufactured to suit client garage conditions. Electrical supplies are wired in neatly to the motor as can be seen.


Of course, this is what everyone else sees and don't they look good? Each door comes with a remote and if you have a gate with the same make of actuator, it can be programmed to also open the gate. We do gate motors too by the way.

An installation like this takes 1-2 days for a double set of doors depending on the conditions, usually it is only less than a day.

A Garage Extension

This client had a garage with a wall between it and the house. We were asked to quote on removing the wall and erecting a second open back garage with two wooden doors.

Demolish Wall 

The wall was demolished and foundation cast for one pillar side. We drill into existing foundations and knock in steel pins before casting. This prevents foundation sag.

Prep 1 Prep 2

Where we tie into existing structures, the plaster is stripped and like the foundations, we drill and pin every 4- 6 lines of brick. This prevents plaster cracks.


The roof constructed and tied in with hanger plates. The IBR sheeting was 0.8mm and was ordered specially for this job. Not one nail is used on this construction. We only use coach screws to secure wood to wood and IBR to wood.

A floor was cast after grass removal with a ramp at the back. The frame in the existing garage had to be removed and the opening fixed prior to door fitting

The final product


Lights had to be moved and new lighting circuits installed. Some mods to the DB were needed to address the poor wiring for the gate motor.

The client elected to go with rivets and this was an extra. This is a 10 panel door. This photo taken one year after the installation - still no cracks.

Home Turnkey Project Bathrooms You Are Here Laminated Flooring Exterior Tiling