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Laminated Flooring

We have done some awesome jobs with regards to laminated flooring. Some pics of the work we have carried out over the past few years.

Of course we are not cheap, but we are not supplying rubbish from the east. The installation costs are the same whether you choose cheap and nasty or a product like ours with a proven track record. All of Traviata's installers/resellers are trained before they are allowed to market their product so it stands to reason, if you have been around awhile, you have had no comebacks on workmanship, you are marketing a good product and know what you are doing. The Traviata products carry a 15-25 year factory warranty on the floors independant of the installer and is good value for money.

Floor 1 Floor 2
Floor 3

This was a finish in AC5 Walnut as was the following.

Flooring1 Flooring 2
Flooring 3 Flooring 3
Flooring6  Flooring 5

The following is in Andorra Pine.

Lounge 1 Lounge 2
Lounge 3

Home Turnkey Project Bathrooms You Are Here Exterior Tiling